Saturday, August 21, 2010

THE GOOD: Inspiration and Faith

Think life is tough? Things getting you down? Stop your pity party and have a little Faith.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

THE GOOD: Thousands mourn Phoenix the Eaglet

 A couple of months ago I became aware of an Eagle cam on Hornby Island British Columbia.  When I first watched the cam it was only Mom, Dad and 2 eggs.  Not long after came the hatching of Phoenix, a little girl who became a star to the thousands of people who tuned in daily.  At 76 days old and nearing the time to try out her first flight tragedy struck.  It appeared through the camera that Phoenix was unwell and having trouble breathing.  The Hornby Eagle Group and many others tried their best to get permits to get to the nest to save her but Phoenix passed away.  Through necropsy of her body it was determined she died of bilateral mycotic pneumonia.  More tests are being done to see what cause dthe infection later.  Mom and Dad are an older pair of eagles who have raised many babies.  It is hoped their time will come to once again be such great parents.  R.I.P. Phoenix ... you taught a lot of people about Eagles and the wonder of nature in general ... you will be missed.  (video after the jump)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

THE MUSTANG CONSPIRACY: Sex, Drugs, Corruption and BP

Recently this video was featured on mainstream news channel CNN.

What, you may ask, could "Sex, Drugs, Mustangs, Corruption and BP" have in common? That's not only a fair question, it has an astounding and disgusting answer that exposes one of the most bizarre, unethical, horridly sad and disturbing conspiracies we've come across yet (and that's saying something after 13 years!).

Please note, we said Conspiracy, not Conspiracy Theory. That's very important. Above Top Secret


WARNING:  The following video is not uplifting.  In fact it's possibly the ugliest, saddest most depressing video I have watched yet.  Having said that however, I think it should be MANDATORY for every human being, yes even your precious children to be made to watch every horrible scene.  I'm not only posting this video because I want to cut through the media blackout by the American Government and BP.  I'm posting this video because this just isn't a Gulf Coast problem, it's a planet problem and I'm mad as hell and hope you will be too.  We all play a part in this ... not just BP ... and if we can make this mess we sure as hell should be able to face. some of the consequences of using oil.  Now go watch the video before you go back to your regular programming, please!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This post is dedicated to the 4 horses that have recently died in the first few days of the Calgary Stampede.  If we are going to exploit our animals for entertainment - at least we should keep them safe.  4 horses dying with broken backs or cardiac arrest while performing for the masses is 4 too many ...  R.I.P.

Sable Island is a small Island in the Atlantic ocean. Situated approx. 160 km southeast of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada, it's known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic" due to the many shipwrecks over the centuries. The Island is only a year round home to approx. 5 researchers.  Protected since 1960, you can only visit the island with special permission.  The real residents of the Island are a herd of wild horses believed to have been surviving there since the 1700's.